Driving is a skill that will have a lifetime filled with many opportunities. Your key to this exciting opportunities will be your ability to master the new skill effectively and efficiently.

Driving is a skill and should be taught by an experienced and patient coach that will teach according to your learning ability/capability.

Driving is a privilege, not a right. The driving privilege is based on the assumption that you will be a responsible citizen on the road and obey all traffic laws.

Driving is also a major responsibility, which when assumed and respected, you will enjoy a lifetime adventure of safe, low-risk and low-stress driving.

However, if you do not handle this responsibility appropriately, you have the power to ruin your life and lives of other road users.

Naturally, parents are mostly the driving coach if available. Formal driver education is only 36 hours. (30 hours of classroom and 6 hours behind-the-wheel)

Coaches are required by Maryland law to drive with new drivers under the age of twenty five for 60 hours with 10 of those hours required to be at night.  Drivers 25 and over are required to complete 14 hours of driving with 3 hours completed after dark.

New drivers (who are learning at 16) have already seen their parents drive over 216,080 miles and have already absorbed some of their habits, both good and bad. As a reference point, 216,080 equates to almost 9 trips around the world at the equator.  (Circumference of the world is 24,901 miles)

An average American drives, on average, 813,000 miles in his/her lifetime. That equates to almost 3 trips to the moon from Earth. (Distance to the moon is 238900 miles)

As concerned parents and teachers, we are trying to make new drivers safe and careful drivers for the duration of that 813,000 mile journey.

Irrespective of your stages in driving, our experienced, patient, intelligent and well informed coaching crew will provide you the needed training and guidance all the way to being a responsible, safe and perfect driver.


What to expect from your coach.

  1. Pre-entry check
  2. Getting ready to drive
  3. How Steering wheel works
  4. How to move a vehicle
  5. Turns
  6. Backing/Reversing
  7. Lane management
  8. Changing lanes
  9. Entering traffic from the side of the road
  10. What to do at intersections
  11. Using shared Left Turn Lane
  12. Neighbourhood, Highway and express driving
  13. Passing another vehicle/Being passed by another vehicle
  14. Parking and many more.


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